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Is your health or relationships with people and events not what you want, and you feel like you don’t know how to create a reality of your choosing?  Rest assure you do know.  In fact, you are the only one that does. However, as often is the case, we are so programmed by the reality around us that it is hard to perceive what we know.  Allow me to connect with you energetically and assist you in translating your true knowing.

As a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner and a scholar of Access Consciousness and Holographic Programs, I skillfully assist you in discovering and altering limiting beliefs and traumas.  My training as a Bioenergy Balancing practitioner taught me how to communicate with the body and translate the language of the body – its biochemistry.  The body’s job is to support you and all your points of view.  It is completely devoted to making you right!  By understanding how the body functions – for example what biochemical cascade is used in the creation of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with depression  — I’m able to fine-tune the questions and have an indepth conversation with the body as to what points of view is it expressing with the physical symptoms being experienced.  I comfortably address biochemical principles of the body with the assurance that the changes the body made and the points of view you’ve taken in moments of stress are reversible – allowing allergies and long-standing conditions to be eliminated.

Our dialogue is usually fascinating as the body takes us to exact moments when you’ve reduced your infinite Being to a fixed position.  It is often an exploration of fitting it or a survival tactic to make it through an oppressive situation.  You are incredibly creative and adaptable!

“Renee is an amazing wonderful passionate healer that is very astute and has a gift with feeling and intuition. I can’t describe how life changing and incredibly grateful I am to have the opportunity to work weekly with Renee. She has brought clarity, better well being, and calmness to my life!”

Whether we work together on the phone or in person, I connect energetically with your energy body.  I receive yes or no answers by reading the expansion and contraction of your field with muscle testing. I also engage with your highest self and spiritual guides and receive answers intuitively. These answers come from beyond your mind and the ego, and are in alignment with your true self, your higher self.

If you were able to figure out your situation with your mind, you would have already done it.  I create a relationship with your energy and through that confidence and your conscious willingness, your own true knowing will lead us to those decisions and points of view that are holding your reality in its current state. With that awareness and consciousness, you are able to choose your life.

The process is varied, but it might involve working with your body’s meridian or chakra system – the channels and centers of energy in your body that hold emotional information. Or it could take the form of tracing a biochemical cascade and releasing the emotional and mental blocks that are preventing you from being supported physically. Or we might need to release you from the collective consciousness, such as from the morphic field “Nothing ever works for me.” Or we might release a Heart Wall – that unconsciously placed emotional force field around your heart that hides you from you.  I also use the Access Consciousness clearing statement, which you can get a full description of here, and offer Access Consciousness Bars and body processes sessions that are designed to untether those fixed points of view.

Your physical and energetic body knows precisely what is needed and will lead us in facilitating a shift. You are the expert!

I work with animals as well as humans, and use Perelandra Nature Healing Processes to clear homes. I am well-versed in Hoʻoponopono, Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Holographic patterning, Access Consciousness, the Release Technique®, and PSYCH-K®.

Currently I work on the phone or on the beach in the Santa Cruz/Aptos area.

Best way to contact is with an e-mail renee.tennant@sbcglobal.net, or you may phone 408-218-5458.

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